Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Venipuncture - IV Midwifery Skills Workshops in Houston, TX

Venipuncture - IV Midwifery
Skills Workshops

Three dates: July 09, July 23 & August 13

Taught by Midwife: Kim Lane, LM, CPM

For more details... email Kim at: kimlanemidwife@gmail.com

or call Kim at: 901-292-4876

Learn, Watch, Practice! You and other participants will stick each other!

You'll be learning about / doing everything LAB: from filing out lab requisitions on paper and electronically in Quest Laboratory's Care360, to doing dip-stick urinalysis, understanding those values and learning how to operate a Clinitek 50® urinalysis machine, to understanding proper "Order of Draw" tube order, and performing venipuncture on EACH OTHER (participants MUST be willing to be STUCK multiple times!) Learn how to prepare IV antibiotics for administration.

You'll be HANDS ON:
  • preparing a venipuncture lab draw set up,
  • assisting /performing a venipuncture lab draw, 
  • performing urinalysis & drawing up specimens for urine culture/sensitivity (C&S)
  • preparing IV antibiotics for administration, 
  • assisting/performing IV catheter placement and running an IV...

11321 Richmond Ave, Ste. M101, Houston TX 77082

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Breastfeeding... NOT REALLY Beneficial ~ MORE of Dr. Farts-from-her-Mouth's Propaganda ...

There she goes again! The notorious and unethical "Dr" Farts-from-her-Mouth is spewing her hatred towards all things natural and nurturing. This time, diminishing the important benefits of breastfeeding, all the while acknowledging that she, herself (supposedly), breastfed her four children.

“When it comes to opinions on parenting practices, where you stand often depends on where you sit. That's not the case for my views on breastfeeding. I successfully breastfed all four of my children until they weaned themselves. Although it was painful and difficult getting started with my first child, I ultimately found breastfeeding easy and enjoyable; my children enjoyed it and they grew like weeds.
… Yes, breastfeeding has real benefits over formula feeding, but, in first world countries, those benefits are actually small and not particularly clinically relevant. Lactivists ignore the fact that the scientific evidence about the benefits of breastfeeding is weak and conflicting, and much of it is rendered meaningless by the many confounding variables.
For example, breastfeeding in contemporary American society is more common among women of higher educational levels and higher economic classes. Therefore, it is often impossible to determine whether benefits in health and on tests that measure IQ may be the result of the improved social conditions in breastfeeding families, not breastfeeding itself.”

"Dr"... Good grief, you don't even DESERVE to be referred to as such... There is NO DEBATE over the SINGULAR FACT that human breastmilk is THE most SUPERIOR food to feed to the human infant/toddler/child. 

There is also NO DEBATE that there are times when an appropriate breastmilk supplement (formula or other mammalian milk) may be an important and necessary option for feeding human babies.

There is no ostracizing, no finger-pointing; there is no “breast-is-best war” against the mother who cannot or chooses not to breastfeed. But, breastfeeding, indeed, SHOULD be strongly encouraged, supported and promoted, with ALL communities doing EVERYTHING they can to help mothers to nurture their babies by breastfeeding whenever they can!

Keep in mind too that, according to Unicef’s Breastfeeding Research Division,
Carrying out randomised controlled trials which are clearly recognised as the “gold standard” is not always possible as it is not ethical to randomly allocate mothers in a way which arbitrarily may decide that half of the group will bottle feed.[underline emphasis mine]
So, just for the record, "Dr" Farts-from-her-Mouth, let us review the benefits and importance of breastfeeding for baby, for mother, and for society:

What are the Benefits of Breastfeeding My Toddler?

Really "Dr" Farts-from-her-Mouth? Do you really want to get into a war on breasts with the breastfeeding mothers of the world?

Might I simply suggest that you... SHUT the hell up !!

Try a gag. We'd ALL LOVE it if you would!

Credit given to:  KAZ Zorpal

Sunday, January 22, 2012

~ HBMS Holistic Midwifery Skills Practicum ~
~ Date To-Be-Announced ~

What: A 3-Part Series of 2-day Midwifery Skills for aspiring midwives,
taught by:
Kim Lane, CPM, LM, senior midwife of the
Regardless of whether you think they are "ready" to be signed off on the skills or not, everyone desirous of becoming a midwife needs the opportunity to listen,learn, watch, practice, and practice… and practice some more!

Part I ~ Basic Midwifery Skills: Learn how to…
1. Use aseptic technique;
a) Proper hand washing
b) Proper gloving and un-gloving
c) Assisting using both aseptic & sterile technique
2. Use both, a digital:
a) Hemoglobin meter;
b) Glucose meter;
3. Taking vitals on mothers & babies:
a) temperature,
b) blood pressure,
c) pulse/HR,
d) respirations,
e) reflexes;
4. Doing a Prenatal physical & prenatal exam;

Part II ~ Venipuncture, Starting IV’s & Suturing: (Students will practice venipuncture / IV’s on each other!)
1. Learn, watch, and then practice proper venipuncture technique
and drawing blood from various sites;
2. Learn, watch, and then practice starting an IV;
3. Learn, watch, and then practice suturing techniques.

Part III ~ Resolving Shoulder Dystocia, Estimating Blood Loss & Manage Postpartum Hemorrhage
1. Understand optimal fetal positioning (OFP).L earn & practice the maneuvers & techniques for managing a“stuck baby”… (modeled after renowned midwife Gail Tully’s Resolving Shoulder Dystocia Workshop)
2. Estimating blood loss & identifying a hemorrhage.
3. Learn techniques, herbal and allopathic treatment for managing a postpartum hemorrhage;

When: To-Be-Announced
We will offer another practicum, in 2015, for up to 10 participants depending upon the demand.

Please keep in mind that your instructor is an actively, practicing midwife, who is regularly “on-call” for clients due to have their babies; workshops may be POSTPONED or CANCELLED with little or no notice accordingly. The workshop will be re-scheduled or a refund offered for such cancellations.

Fees & Details:
TOTAL COST... Early-Bird: $450.00 (includes supplies), if Paid-in-FULL by deadline date (to-be-announced)
After Deadline Date: Total Fee: $500.00
A convenient, 3-payment plan option is available.
Overnight accommodations & transportation are YOUR responsibility. “Dutch” lunch on both days will be together as a group. “Dutch” dinner & evening activities will be planned by HBMS or you can go & do on own.
::: NOTE ::: There is NO REFUND for missing any day due to your own personal/family issues. Make-up days may be offered by your instructor, but HBMS is under no obligation to do so.

Registration must be paid by cash (do not send cash in the mail!), check, or credit card
(via PayPal) ONLY. (Returned check fee: $35)
PayPal payments should be sent to kimlanemidwife@gmail.com & MUST INCLUDE 4% service fee.
Be sure to add a note indicating “HBMS Practicum”.
Note: The cost is subject to change. Check with Kim at the email above for the most current information & fees.

2012 Series Registration & Deadline are To-Be-Announced
and OPEN to the first 6 participants who REGISTER & PAY
for Part I ($200) or TOTAL Early-Bird ($450) by deadline.
Payments for Parts II & Part III ($150.00 each) are due according to posted deadline schedule

To register for the HBMS Holistic Midwifery Skills Practicum, call or contact:

Kim R. Lane, CPM, LM [VA]
Cell: (901) 292-4876

Mail-in Student Registration ~ HBMS Holistic Midwifery Skills Practicum ~ 2012
Payment Enclosed:
Please keep in mind that your instructor is an actively, practicing midwife, who is regularly “on-call” for clients due to have their babies; workshops may be POSTPONED or CANCELLED with little or no notice accordingly. The workshop will be re-scheduled or a refund offered for such cancellations.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Captain of Her Own Ship

Can you believe that WOMEN want CONTROL over their own birth environment? NO-ooooo... they shouldn't DO that, they should lie back with morphine-type drugs infused into the epidural space of their spines, quiet... not requiring anything from the doctors, nurses or other hospital staff.

Check out THIS load of fecal matter from "Dr" Fart's Phhhlog:

"By all means share your most important preferences with your providers, but think long and hard before you present your provider with a list of refusals and ultimatums. Birth plans have been encouraged by ancillary birth personnel (childbirth educators, doulas) as a thumb in the eye of obstetricians. They accomplish nothing besides gratifying a desire to defy authority."

So... YOUR Birth Plan, which respectfully outlines the important care issues regarding YOUR and your BABY'S birth & postpartum, IS... (per her majesty, "Dr" Fart-from-her-Mouth) a frivolous, self-serving rebellion, causing pain and anguish to the doctor... >cough, gag, vomit<

"...gratifying a desire to defy authority."

REALLY?? ... WHO is the BOSS, "Dr" Fart?
DARE I suggest that the MOTHER (OMG!) is the Captain of her Own Ship? That SHE carries the ULTIMATE responsibility to safeguard her ship and it's precious cargo? That the Birth Attendant is, both, the Navigator & the Engineer assisting the Captain, TOGETHER, through the course of the birth... all the while with the safety of mother and baby as the PRIORITY. What Captain purposefully runs her ship a-ground or into uncharted, dangerous waters?

"...thumb in the eye..."

Hmmmm, isn't that what you are SUPPOSED to do if you are being ATTACKED by a SHARK?

Ah ha! Actually quiet a clever analogy!

But seriously, Friends...

YOUR Birth Plan is a valuable piece of communication between you and your birth provider(s). Both midwives AND doctors value and respect that you have specific desires, wishes, and yes, perhaps some things you don't want, too! Even when planning a home birth, where you'd think that a Birth Plan essentially isn't necessary, it can serve to open the lines of communication with client and midwife.

Write down your specific needs, wishes & desires!
MAKE that LIST, so that you and your provider can discuss these important matters ahead of time. If you have the potential to be cared for by someone you don't know and who doesn't know you or your wishes... the Birth Plan becomes an ESSENTIAL component of your care plan between you and that provider.

No, it isn't the Birth Plan that accomplishes the goal of having a safe and satisfying birth experience. It is the collaboration of ideals of both mother & birth provider, together with the circumstances of the actual birth event, that provides the very best possibility of a good, joyous, and healthy outcome for mother and baby.

And just in case "Dr" Fart-from-her-Mouth is reading... Natural ChildBirth Advocates (among them: Doctors, Midwives, Nurses, Doulas, Childbirth Educators, etc.) very much RESPECT the process of birth and acknowledge that there ARE inherent risks that can affect this very normal, physiologic, bodily function. We KNOW that sometimes mothers and babies need medical interventions, medications, and operative procedures to safely see them through and beyond the birth. We ACKNOWLEDGE that Cesarean Section saves lives and is, indeed, defined as giving BIRTH. We recognize that sometimes NOTHING can be done to prevent a morbidity or mortality.

HOWEVER, we also KNOW that unnecessary interference and practitioner interventions employed out of "routine use" ideology, convenience, ease, time, or other non-evidence-based rationale DO, indeed, INCREASE risk of the birth process diverging from a normal, healthy course.

Your Birth Plan serves to map out your wishes, needs, beliefs and desires for your birth care. A birth attendant who does not respect the importance of this patient/practitioner communication should not be serving birthing women.

The MOTHER is the Captain of Her Own Ship.

Monday, April 18, 2011

I LOVE the idea that a can post to my blog via TEXT MESG! Go ahead... call me a "Techy Midwife" ... it IS true!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Pregnancy Resource: NaturallyBorn

NaturallyBorn.net is a new pregnancy resource for YOU!

NaturallyBorn.net provides comprehensive information about pregnancy, birth, natural childbirth, home birth, water birth, birthing centers, midwives, breastfeeding and doulas. If you are looking for a birthing center, midwife, doula or progressive hospital with natural childbirth, we offer a full directory of birth centers, certified nurse midwives, certified professional midwives,birth doulas, and postpartum doulas who can assist with natural birth techniques such as waterbirth, hypnobirthing, and homebirth.

NaturallyBorn.net specializes in providing unbiased information and resources about natural childbirth options. Our Expert Q&A section for natural childbirth features licensed midwives, doulas, and other experts in the fields of natural childbirth and midwifery.

We are honored to be part of our community, and to be helping to raise the awareness among
new parents about their birth options

Our own Kim L. Mosny, CPM [Licensed in VA] is a founding member and expert contributor for NaturallyBorn.net. Look for her profile page, articles, Q&A input and other contributions!