Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Venipuncture - IV Midwifery Skills Workshops in Houston, TX

Venipuncture - IV Midwifery
Skills Workshops

Three dates: July 09, July 23 & August 13

Taught by Midwife: Kim Lane, LM, CPM

For more details... email Kim at: kimlanemidwife@gmail.com

or call Kim at: 901-292-4876

Learn, Watch, Practice! You and other participants will stick each other!

You'll be learning about / doing everything LAB: from filing out lab requisitions on paper and electronically in Quest Laboratory's Care360, to doing dip-stick urinalysis, understanding those values and learning how to operate a Clinitek 50® urinalysis machine, to understanding proper "Order of Draw" tube order, and performing venipuncture on EACH OTHER (participants MUST be willing to be STUCK multiple times!) Learn how to prepare IV antibiotics for administration.

You'll be HANDS ON:
  • preparing a venipuncture lab draw set up,
  • assisting /performing a venipuncture lab draw, 
  • performing urinalysis & drawing up specimens for urine culture/sensitivity (C&S)
  • preparing IV antibiotics for administration, 
  • assisting/performing IV catheter placement and running an IV...

11321 Richmond Ave, Ste. M101, Houston TX 77082

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